Contrary to what most individuals think, planning ahead and gearing your professional document towards a targeted audience will get you immediate results. 

Developing and originating a layout for a Resume, HRCV, CV, or a Manuscript on your own can be trying. It's a lot like designing an architectural blueprint or producing an advertisement.

Fill out our online form and submit your current Resume, CV, or Manuscript. If you are seeking aide with Resume, HRCV, or CV services, please forward 3 job postings as well. Upon receiving  all documents, we will assess your current needs, goals, and figure out the best alternative solution out there for you.


Retain our firm. Payments are processed by invoice and through our affiliate PayPal. Fill out a customized client development form. Once we receive the client development form, we will begin the research, writing and editorial process.


Obtain the final versions of your custom created Resume, HRCV, or CV in MS Word, PDF, and ASCII.

Individuals that have retained our editorial services for will receive two documents. One with changes clearly marked using "track changes" and one completed with all changes incorporated. For information about track changes click here.